Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New updates

This would be my last update for my progress :)....its gonna happen 2row and end it soon!!hahah ok2 now i would like to upload my new poster...actually i change a bit for the background...i dont really like the old background...n now i make it look a bit abstract coz there's a meaning for it...it represent the now days generation hey usually wear nyonya kebaya with abstract kind of sarong instead of batik...and the are still elements that i used batik kind of motif its because of for the old days the nyonya's normally will wear with batik...and they it goes my new poster.....

New Poster:

The flyes:

Cd cover:

Final setup:



The Beauty of Nyonya Kebaya is an installation plus informative applications project that delivers a message to the audiences about how to appreciate more about this costume due to the lack of information for nowdays generation that have been ignored the old tradition.
Today’s generation tend to forget and neglect the traditional cultural values due the modernized society. It is important for the public to be exposed to their cultural roots and traditional values as it what reflects their lives today.
Installation: The installation starts on when the user enter the space and step on the hotspot and it will automatically appear the kebaya on the LCD screen.  Then it will follow with the animation and the background music for the kebaya itself. After the animation ends it will change to information content where the user can read all the description and meanings behind all the kebaya. There will be 3-4 buttons so that they can view them using the trackball. And for the last part is where the brooches content. Here the audience can mix and match and drag the brooches to wherever places that they like and experience it like how they look like when wearing the costume. There will be 6 colors of brooches.

Installation manual:
- I dont really have much for installation manual. All that i used is flash and zone trigger....bt here i'll update the installation manual for the zone trigger.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009




This is the official poster for the installation that i plan to used for the project.

Budget planning & equipment list

For the installation, most of the equipment i'll be using my own stuff. And few of it will be borrow from my friends...

1. mirror = RM 24

2. shelf = RM 16

3. black cloth = RM 10

TOTAL = RM  50

Equipment list:
1. webcam
2. mirror
3. 23' monitor
4. logitech track ball
5. speaker 
6. CPU
7. black cloth

That's all that i need for my installation :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

progress - informative application

For my informative application, I've done a  few links...this would be the main page:

and these is the history page:

and these is for the collection page...bt the description i haven't put the real one...i just did the layout and fuction the links 1st. Need to summarize all the description and explanation b4 added in. But basically this will be the layout.

and the rest will be uploaded soon as i complete all :)


heyy im back for now...next week will be our week 5 ALREADYY!! :P

btw i'll make some changes for my main kebaya screen which that day I propose to make an animation on the kebaya like the flower rotate and all...i did try bt the result is a bit awfull looking...i tried couple of movement, bt doesn't look appealling to me...i decided to change to these...i'll upload the picture below so that u guys can see the result...bt it will just be the same for all...and i will add some of the information for the informative application...it will have 2 more extra link which it will be the main part in nyonya kebaya - they have 3 main spot which i will explain it later....and the 4th link will be the women of style: completing the Nyonya Look - there will be 2 link inside which will be nyonya jewellery and the slippers and shoes...The add together with the new side map for the informative application:

These is my progress that i've done in flash for the main screen...i'll upload only 3 design only for the main timing...bt for now there's no sound...i couldn't fine any suitable song for those nyonya theme...i try to figure out for this matter....:

the 2nd design:

the 3rd design